Airbus is one of the world’s biggest producers of passenger aircraft. It also leads the way in launchers, satellites and defence equipment, and, like other major manufacturers, markets a range of services. To rise to business challenges across the board, the company was looking for versatile ways to develop the sales skills of a large number of people scattered around the globe. It decided on a solution combining digital technology, multilingual packages and blended learning.


people worldwide




e-learning modules
on boosting sales efficiency

Consulting Solution

Halifax partnered with Airbus to provide LMS content including two Sales packs (Sales Fundamentals and Advanced Sales) each comprising 20 modules available in six languages. All content was deployed and integrated within three months for use around the world.

“Nunca había conocido un método que permitiera movilizar equipos de todos los niveles de una organización e infundir un nivel de motivación muy elevado en cada uno, en un tiempo tan rápido”.

Romain Aymeric
Director General National Geographic Store
Septiembre 2011


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